The Other Side

Weary now, so many tears cried

A deep black pit of dread inside

In me depressions dark resides

And takes me on it lonely ride


An arduous trek, alone, uphill

No let-up or release until

I have to pop another pill

Just to make my thoughts be still


My head throbs as my thoughts it scatters

My mind, my soul and body batters

Right now to me though, all that matters

Is piecing together the broken tatters


Some fragments of my troubled head

Can still see that there’s light ahead

That I;m not really better dead

They guide me slowly where next to tread


So one thing at a time I take

Mindful of the choices I make

With trepidation my soul awakes

As myself I heal for my sons sake


And then I’m on the other side

Of the prison walls built in my mind

A journey of a different kind

Before me now- Myself to find


The black steals my light like a thief

But through all the hurt, the pain, the grief

I clutched tightly onto the belief

That of my power, I am chief


I have the power and I can fight

To grow through the dark, towards the light

Just like the seed buried out of site

I need in me both black and white


My vision now is brighter somewhat

But never think that I’ve forgot

Where my roots grow or how I got

To have come so far, wizened a lot.


Though how i felt before felt true

I hadn’t really though it through

Looking now with eyes anew

Before me is a different view


I see how I am truly blessed

And no my life is not a mess

Yes it’s true, I try my best

Despite being different from the rest


I know it will be dark sometimes

It’s then that I will read this rhyme

And reflect upon the fact that I’m

Meant to be black from time to time


Then come the highs, glorious though

That you nor anyone can know

That i could never truly show

How joy shines in me, my spirit glows


Beautiful moments, sheer giddy thrill

Creativity mastered with skill

Achieving anything i wish or will

Soaring, flying, higher still.


‘Normal’ people can’t comprehend

That state of mind and heart that lends

Itself to genius and that can send

Me to the heavens and back again


So call me crazy, call me mad

In truth it’s you for whom I’m sad

Although you’ll never feel as bad

You’ll never know joy quite like I’ve had.


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