A million tiny pieces, a world fractured

Reality broken

A mind hell bent on self destruction

A million fighting voices, shouting, whispering,

It depends

A soul deaf to comfort or reason

A million good reasons to stop this

Self flagellation

A heart that bleeds by its own decision

A million perfect plans lay in tatters

Never realised

Logic resides not in houses of desperation

A million other people resuming broken lives

Why can’t I?

I thought I knew best, I know only failure.

A million ways to let you down

Take your pick

It will take only one to break in two

A million battles, my own worst enemy

And yours too

If you let me take too much control

A million times I should love me, but I never

Find a way

To communicate this. The point is moot.

A million ways to break

Into a million tiny pieces

A million reasons to make you

But a million ways to fail

A million perfectly good reasons

And a million perfect plans

But a million little voices

Stop me right there in my tracks.


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