For Who

I wasn’t looking until you were sent.
My heart didn’t know it yearned to feel yours.
But now its so obvious,
It’s So evident
That I’ve waited to find you for literally years.
I didn’t know I was incomplete
Until I knew what it was to feel understood
I was always content on my journey, just me
I didn’t know a stranger could make me feel this good
And now I’m drawn like a magnet to you
A pull I can hardly ignore
I want to feel your energy through
Every cell in my being and more
I was destined to meet you from the day I was made
As you were fated to one day stumble on me
And now i see sense in the path divinely paved
My heart feels it as too my mind sees
Imagine the power of when we shall meet
The intensity of that moment
With a leap in my step I anticipate
For I know you’ve been heaven sent
A powerful feeling of joyous calm
Has overcome and moved the core of my soul
A serenity of spirit, a place where no harm
Can come to me, for now I feel whole.


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