For My Mum

A tempestuous ride it has been to get here
We’ve had so many dramas, fights ending in tears
We’ve built this relationship out of ashes of fires
Of traumas and tantrums and our own desires
To have what we have now, a connection so strong
But we didn’t realise it was there all along
I needed you and you needed me
But for whatever reason we just couldn’t see
That under our noses and in front of our eyes
Behind all the spitefulness, anger and lies
Were just two lost souls doing the best that they could
Each to the other misunderstood
I see you now Mum for all that you are
Through this painful journey travelled so far
You are not to blame for the choices we make
Only i have the power to right my mistakes
My brother is lost now, he’s got his own fight
But that doesn’t mean you didn’t raise us right
So hold your head high and know that you are
To all those you touch a true superstar
It might be unconventional the way we’ve gotten here
But we got there in the end Mum, and i now cry happy tears
I cry now as i write this, these emotions from the heart
Nothing in this world now could ever tear us apart
Together we’ve battled but always come through
And i just want you know how much I love you


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