76157_10150089284741477_792036476_7277779_2269405_nHi There,

My name is VJ. I’m a 29 year old professional who likes to dabble in all things creative. I currently work as a product trainer for Inbay and N-vest and am living in Buckinghamshire. I have a young son called Eli, familiarise yourselves with him in his gallery. I studied a BA in Documentary Photography at The University of Wales until 2011, so photography is a big passion of mine. I have traveled all around the world over the years, but love nothing so much as the Welsh Valleys and South Coast where I spent 6 Years.

I have a very complex mind and associated set of beliefs about the Universe(s) which I do love to discuss. I believe that heartfelt gratitude for the true joy in your life can help manifest anything you visualise. I also believe in Karma and that Light cannot exist without dark, meaning that we need to go through pains in our lives to feel happiness.

I was diagnosed as Bipolar in 2010 so have a keep interest in Mental Health Issues. I therefore experience this Light and Dark sometimes concurrently. I am happy to answer questions people have about my experiences of the condition. Since starting treatment, my life has been revolutionised and I am an advocate of using alternative therapies to treat Mental Illness from my own experience.

I owe a lot to my Grandmother who has taught me everything she knows in this field (she has been a practicing therapist for decades) without whom I literally wouldn’t be here. Check out her YouTube channel for some excellent self-help tools, simply click here energyfe. She makes all those videos herself, from nothing more than stills and self-drawn graphics. I am so proud of her!

Anyway, enough about me, thanks for reading. Hopefully you’ll provide me with some feedback on my work or challenge me to some debate.


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