Set The Bar 

If I get In his head

Self sabotage At its best

Set the bar yourself to fail the test 

Set expectations that Can’t be met

Hot headed Night sweats

Body aches and Restlessness 

Tired of mental Distress

Can’t keep Creating mess

But can’t control His urges

Emotions are Repressed

Wants help But fights it

Can’t find the words To define it 

Can’t describe it Or deny it

No tools yet To fix this 

Resistant to Changes 

Commitments and failures

Mind busy Storm rages

Letting go In stages

A New picture Emerges

On clean Empty pages

New future Imagined

The dream Has to happen

For your dreams to Come true

So might as well choose

While calm and composed

In Lucid control of the dream universe 


About Vickers

Artsist, Photographer & Writer Currently working on projects with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of people facing mental health challenges.
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