The Plea

You’ve got so much potential
I’m surprised you don’t see
You could really be something
If you chose to be

I wish nothing further
Than for you to reach
If you’d give me the time
I’d be able to teach

But you choose to ignore me
Blank out all my words
Listen to nothing
Delete all my hurts

As if you’re afraid
Of what you think and you feel
But only expression
Can fix you, can heal

Through your blood run emotions
Through your veins, heart and head
You beat them, then kill them
Until all feeling is dead

I sense upon your anger
At no one being there
I try to let you know I am
In weather bad or fair

I realise you are hurting
But don’t make me hurt too
I’ve never done a thing, other,
Than really loving you

For you to feel the joy
Of being truly loved
For what’s Underneath the surface
Not what goes on up above

Your bravado doesn’t fool me
I know how much you really care
I don’t know what you’re trying to prove
By stripping my heart bare

I want you to show some kindness
Some tenderness to me
Show me a little love and I
Will show you how loved feels

You need to show some more respect
Not treat me like a curse
I’m fragile and I’m delicate
And I can’t cope with feeling worse

If you should take now nothing else
Just know this bit Is true
The things that stop you feeling loved
Are actually inside you.


About Vickers

Artsist, Photographer & Writer Currently working on projects with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of people facing mental health challenges.
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