Reaching Out

Although last week was a bad week

Take comfort in the fact

You are helping many people

With the way that you react


By choosing to acknowledge

That it’s ok to feel that way

And by spreading wide that message

You are healing others pain


If there’s nothing else worth living for

If it all just gets too much

Keep strong and know your suffering

Will the hearts of others touch


You could be saving someones life

With your frank and open prose

The impact you are having

Only God knows


So when the shit is down for you

Keep writing it in verse

For all those who don’t have a voice

Or feel alone in the universe


The most painful journeys are

The most rewarding in the end

You can now reach out with knowing

Of how to be a friend


So for all those in a crisis

The wounded and unwell

They can be grateful for your struggles

And you can sure as hell


Cos every day you’re getting stronger

That much i know for sure

Each and every pain for you

Means you’re reaching out to more.








About Vickers

Artsist, Photographer & Writer Currently working on projects with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of people facing mental health challenges.
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